No, Media …. 26 Million People Won’t Die if Obamacare is Repealed

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No, Media …. 26 Million People Won’t Die if Obamacare is Repealed

Source: No, Media …. 26 Million People Won’t Die if Obamacare is Repealed

The truth is we do not need to FIX Obamacare nor implement another medical expansionist program run by the federal government in order to meet the needs of the American public.  The number of citizens not enrolled in a medical program is not as great as the government propagandists would have us believe. The majority of these uninsured are middle-class citizens who chose to be uninsured because they feel they did not need to pay for bloated policies or thought they were healthy enough to not need medical care coverage. Being forced to buy overpriced policies in order to subsidize others who pay little or nothing for the same coverage is not a wise financial decision. If the government would actually get out of the way and stop trying to centrally manage our entire healthcare community then individuals would have more freedom to chose or not to chose the coverages they want or can afford.

The horror stories that the politicians would want you to believe is that many would die in the streets or be thrown off of medical plans they now have. Of course, they forget the number of persons who lost coverage when Obamacare was thrust upon them, remember the whole if you like your coverage you can keep your coverage lie? Anyway, this well-written article answers the propagandists with the hard truth of how things really are in America since the implementation of Obamacare.

“Millions of Americans who were able to purchase insurance since ObamaCare was enacted would lose coverage if either plan [the Senate or the House version] became law, and most of the savings from the tax cuts in their plans would be reaped by those with higher incomes.”

The first part of the statement is questionable and disingenuous. The vast majority, about 18 million of the estimated 20 million in question, had obtained health insurance only because they had been compelled to do so or pay the penalty imposed by ObamaCare for not having insurance. The rest have subsidized coverage paid by others saddled with higher premiums.

The second part of the statement is even more disingenuous because those “reaping the savings” are merely the ones being allowed to save some of their own money, instead of subsidizing others. The GOP plans revoke these impositions and bring more freedom rather than wealth redistribution.

But the verbiage in the writer’s statement is typical Democrat rhetoric pushing the debate towards socialism rather than freedom.


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